Knock U Down Songtext
von Wiz Khalifa

Knock U Down Songtext

Pop champagne, roll some weed up
We in a slow game, I brung the speed up
High octane, hella inked up
Bird or plane, u prolly seen us
Made a lil change, but its all good
Neva throw it in your face im from a small Hooood
Best dressed lyk a star should, beat on so i could hardly see ya'll
We Are, Some Taylor Gang fukkin bosses
And i live everyday not caring wat it costest
Pop more bands, Cop more cloths,
Drive fast cars, Fuck bad hoes
I fly in circles u non workers in dirt last
Readin tweets & fallin asleep in first class
Might of heard my song but alot of ya'll aint kno the kid
So I took over the net lyk Hova did

And set my goals where the solar is
Now my swag on polar bear
And you here so pretend ya man dont even exist
And get your lips wet lyk a lisp
Im just lyk a pimp, some dislike from them
But im a big fish, u just Tiger Shrimp
Flirted wit fame but at night i dream of success
If u sleepin on me then u gettin good rest
Cause wen niggas ask who hot if it aint Drizzy then they talkin bout me

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