Okay Songtext
von Wallpaper.

Okay Songtext

Chorus: All my life, work like a dog
Raised by wolves, running from the law
Chorus: All my life, chasing these chicks
Trying to get paid, make your own roles and you got it made
I've spent my whole life trying to get it
And now that I've got it, I'm like

I'm like
Pushin' the '79 Beamer
Full of gasoliner
Stop at Dairy Queener
Sizzurp in my Blizzard
Breaking the Radio Shack speakers
Crispy new wife beater
So fresh and so cleaner-er
Tints up in my windows
Stuck in the bumper to bump traffic
Ain't got time for that shit
Overheat my classic
Leave it on the freeway
Walking down the shoulder in my flip flops
Bunny at the bus stop?
Party back at her spot?
I'm ready

Okay. Okay. Okay
I'm like. Okay
Sign a record deal at Avenhix
Fax it to my legal
Now my shit is legal (kinda)
Tweet it to the people
Richer than my relatives with real jobs
Thought this was a hobby (nope)
Thought that you could stop me
Come and get it

Okay. Okay. Okay
I'm like. Okay
Okay. Okay
I'm like. Okay

Date all my friends
Eat all my food
Bundle my car
I'm like, I'll take the Benz
Tell me that you love me.
Tell tell me that you love me

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