Forced Fecal Ingestion Songtext
von Vulvodynia

Forced Fecal Ingestion Songtext

Faeces ripped from a virgins cunt,
Served up with organs and entrails!
I find my victims on the playground.
Kittens and candy my main lure!
"C'mon kids get in my van! I'll take you too candyland!"
Back in my lair I fuck these kids with a rusty knife.
Eating and molesting their tiny genitalia.
Harvesting fecal matter which they'll be forced too ingest!
I'm a fucking sicko!
Watching these kids eat their shit gives me and erection.
Rape Ensues!

Heavy breathing, lying broken bloody on the floor.
I'll rape you till you perish!
All these kids are finished I think I'll jump in my van and get some more.
I need my fix!
Prey on the weak! Devour the young!
Raping adolescent bitches with a frozen stool!
You know I live for this pre-teen scat orgy!
Young cunts stuffed with shit.
Its a delight to me!
Devour the young! Rape the weak!
I must have it, I crave it!

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