Gentle Songtext
von Vesuvius

Gentle Songtext

A sombre silence in the snow
That echoes through the forest in which my demons roam
Their many voices and discordant fables

A disquiet and disharmony that leaves no loam for life to grow
Breathe invigoration into the stone
The nerve ends of our soil, the sarcophagus of my mold
I feel your psyche on an unfamiliar plane
It provokes a clarity that inhibits the marrow of my soul

But as days push on
And the fog clears
Let the daylight expose the tender nature of our deepest fears
Hold my love in the spaces between your fingers
And keep it near

Because I have come
To find my depth
My place of solace
My place of rest
Consume my body
Deplete what is left
My bones are your solace
I am your unrest

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