Feather Songtext
von V-Sag feat. Alexandra McKay

Feather Songtext

You′re lovely, sweet and full of feelings
But you're hurt, worried and fallen
And that′s all because of love
Or is it because of your strength?
The strength that holds,
Keeps and carries the precious!

You're strong and that's your weakness
But no weakness shall cause grief forever!
Nor strength shall be your destiny
Your destiny is to come by itself
So let things play according to the rules
Of your life.

You my dear deserve to be a feather
Flowing in the skies light smooth and happy
You must flow with joy until you touch the ground
Oh you deserve to be a feather

One that can do better
One that can love better
One that can set the storm still
And save the blossom from the cold
And when spring comes, you will see
Let it be
You will see
Let it be

Free yourself from the past and the past continues
Free your soul your mind and your body
Release, loosen and relax your conscience
And see that it was only holding you back
From the springs to come, more springs and more...

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