The Groove Songtext
von Usher

The Groove Songtext

Just like Janet
We waited a while
Lemme hear you
Say My Name
Like Destiny's Child
Get romantic
Put on some Babyface
Or some Brandy
What's The 4-1-1
Mary J. Blige
Can i hear
That Usher song
Just one more time
You remind me
Like R. Kelly
Of my favorite R&B

I'm in the mood for
Something hot
Something sexy
With the groove on
Go through the records
I'll tell you
What you needa play
I wanna relax my mind
It's been a long day
Turn it up, get me open
With the right song
Play that track on repeat
Let's bring it on
Tonight i wanna feel you
The music sounds
Good with you


Go put the cd on
Break out
The Peaches And Cream
You know it turns me on
You're Making Me High
Just like the Toni song
That's got me
Feenin like Marvin
Let's Get It On
Just like Jodeci
Just like SWV
Just like some TLC
Come closer
Let me touch you
The music's so sweet
With you


I wanna lay
Next to you, ohh
We'll listen
To our favorite R&B songs
Can we get right to it
I wanna hear it, won't you
Play my love songs

Play Hot Like Fire
Play anything
Tat you got with Mariah
Still got me
Because of you
I'll show you
Play some Chris Brown
And let it flow
I'm kinda ready
To slow it down
And play some Joe
You know the one
Can we break it down
I've waited so long
Put it on

(Chorus 2x)

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