Let My Dreams Come True Songtext
von Us3

Let My Dreams Come True Songtext

When I am all alone, I dream dreams of you
Of your smile, your walk, your eyes, the way you talk
It's everything you do
And it drives me wild and I hope that you notice
I'm offering my all

I'll open wide, and let my dreams come true
I'll step aside, and let them all come through
I'll open wide, and let my dreams come true
And I will fly, and live my life with you

My dreams, do you want to know my dreams?
Let me tell you of these things that I see
I see kisses and love, stars that only shine for us
Two hearts made into one for all time
And I pray that you'll give me time to show you
How much I really need you
And want to just hold you forever


Is it true, can I really have you?
Reach out and touch you and you'll be real
Are your lips forming a phrase, "You love me"
Can't live without me and I'm your home
And I thank you for letting me just show you
That our two souls are meant to entwine into love

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