Why Can't We Believe We Can't Be Loved? Songtext
von UltraNoir

Why Can't We Believe We Can't Be Loved? Songtext

if we can come in from the cold
then we can heal ourselves from what is told
change the ways still staying sane
dear friend i'm blessed to know
this chance is getting old
(and it goes to show)

"if someone will ever harm you..."
-or at least it's easy to lean on nice lines
"could kill to keep us side by side"
seems like someone should have died

saved you once
saved me twice
spending like having nine lives
between the precious times
survival lost its price
and now all that's right is left behind
what's left shall be denied

and we couldn't come in from the frost
apart in safe
in safe and lost
where's the friend i used to know?
"never let down, never let go"
and so on
(so hard trying to act like an adult
'though that's the last thing on earth
i'd ever manage to be. now either of us,
none of the things once so ideal for
the both of us. never quite reached
them, but at least used to talk.
and still trying to act not caring
in an empty kitchen)

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