Runnin' Thru the 7th with My Woadies Songtext
von $uicideboy$

Runnin' Thru the 7th with My Woadies Songtext

View from a balcony
Pool lit up blue
Lawn chairs next to the ice chest
Stuffed 2 grams in the blunt that we just blew
Now I'm getting blown by a bitch
Who? I don't know her name
Gold chain hanging got a few in the room, but I don't wear them out
Only wear them in the house because I shine so bright I don't want to blind you
Who knew Yung Snow wouldn't melt in the summer
It's true
Cold as a polar bear chilling with Stunna and Slick
I'm surrounded by tulips
Got me bout two clips
Got me bout two scripts filled up with Oxy
Smoke hovers all around my fucking body
I murdered this bitch named Oddy, yeah I shot him
Slick got the shovels and we digging all night
Pouya in the Caddy
Told him shine the light bright cause I'm digging in darkness
What was a good day has turned into the usual
Back in all black like a funeral

Running from the cops through the motherfucking 7th
Six bodies dropped and nobody went to heaven
Block stay hot when I'm creeping with the weapon
Gotta keep the pills in me all because of my depression
City of the crest I'm riding with the Smith & Wesson
Got a motherfucker guessing when I hit em with the blessing
2 shots to the dome, 6 shots in the chrome more shots for your home nah that's a crime zone
Scarecrow creeping with Uzi
Lucifer please come save me
The crucifix is at my feet
Walking through the depths of hell
Watching as the oceans swell
Grey 59 that's Los Cartel
Nothing but death in every cell

She too deep in the flask
Drinking and thinking gonna lead to a bad decision
De-ja-vu I've been through it with you
Multiple times on many occasions
Contemplating vacating without you, I doubt you the one
I could be wrong, I could be sprung I could be dumb
I could be dumbfounded well rounded
Plus the head game therapeutic
She knew that she blew it like Nintendo
You heard me, some of yall butter Kirby [?]
My dick game army strong
My only hope is my song go on for long
This life ain't promised whether you accomplished
What you think about inside of your apartment
You working for nothing you worthless

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