Epicenter Songtext
von U‐God

Epicenter Songtext

I call this the wild style
It's inherited from Wu Mei
The Huang style founder
Hahahahaha, what else have you got?
INS your highness
Golden Arms

The booth with the ground wire
Where I control my empire, thugs call me sire
To roam my kingdom, you must spit fire
Bars of fifty, what the crown requires
A few good men stand up, motivated to do shit
They know how to file the blueprint
You getting this exclusive
Stamped and packaged for your personal usage
A shot of this is ruthless
Inmates salute this, young kids root for this
The whole world waits upon a Goldie exclusive
I stay secluded and think about the process
Stay submerged, similar to Loch Ness
Surface when the time is right, or my soldier night
Rebel music, Geto Boys in the spotlight
Keep everything in hindsight, living the lime life
Sharp on a pivot, just keeping my mind right
And watch what you say around a chick
She spread last through the click like Ebola on the tip
Atop of the highest mountain, the epicenter of rap
They yell, "Wu forever across the map"

No question, your dude is live
I line 'em up like the song sell two for five
It's all love, you can hate, you can scrutinize
Fuck with me, boy, that's suicide, foolish pride
I spent every form of cash, bagged mad exotic hotties
Like I just became a made man, how they mob me
Started from the lobby, Rebel get it shaking like the dice hand
Flying a rag, no flight plan
Overtime with the grind 'cause I'm working late
Murder on the first tape, first 48
Hotter than Hell's Kitchen
I lay my head where the shells ripping
Mama knew I was a threat so she named me Jason
Take your pick, either Bourne, Voorhees, or Statham
My flag waving
Atop of the highest mountain, the epicenter of rap
They yell, "Wu forever" across the map

Slick down bread was spread, it's in the envelope
36 pounds of shit under the microscope
They knew my horoscope, they know I'm lactose
They know I bust the sheet, slam out the cantaloupe
They had the periscope slammed down my tonsils
They tried to hit me with some decoyed sponsor
I'm in the market every time I spark it
I live to sparkle with the concrete carpet
I was in Rikers when you was in diapers
Run the guards from the circle and created a cypher
I grew 'em up, we elevated to the tour bus
Masculine, adrenaline
Running through your veins like dope in a tenement
Where I became a resident
Hooked up with the God and we became venomous
Atop of the highest mountain, the epicenter of rap
They yell, "Wu forever" across the map

New Bentayga with 50 keys
Driving off the road Narco style, they caught me in Belize
Fingerprints burned, Asics on
Made a u-turn, pulled at the weed spot
Glock on me, new rock on me
Maybach beige. Nikehead
Tracksuit got special powers, these guns carry dollars
Mutilating chumps by the lump sum
Jump if you want something
I be in the front with the pumps company
Yeah, yeah, them niggas with fresh kicks
Caught up in the mix, stress quick then we dress whips
All the hoes give 'em the best tips
We floating the best ships, throw your ass over like dead fish
Yeah, for real, it's all hood Bible shit
Mike Tysonal, all us on our tribal shit
Atop of the highest mountain, the epicenter of rap
They yell, "Wu forever" across the map

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