Climate Songtext
von U‐God

Climate Songtext

Hip Hop is dangerous, should be respected and cherished
Keep it tucked in your pocket for the next to inherit
Sacrifice what I write, a Martin on the terrace
Dreams have been built and many of us perished
No pun intended, it's a rough path to heaven
so I studied all my lessons, earned a button with a seven
I be a father figure, Mr James Evans
We ain't go nowhere, we them same legends
The climate of hip hop since done changed
But the art and the bars will still remain
Feel the wrath of the cane
As it travels through your veins
Champagne salute to those who whetered the game

We call it hip hop, was sent out the dark

We call it hip hop, was sent out the dark

We need that gangsta music
Don't let them filter the spirit
Tell your favourite hype stations
in the hood, I wanna feel it
Support can bring a brother to tears
Rap glaciers of ice that been melting for years
Hip Hop is the master, evolution's constant
and the scene compelling
They say New York really lost it
So we sat at the table with the top heads and bosses
To save the Def Jams when the bosses got exhausted
'bout to address this
Don't let me open up the faucets
Pass the torch, get on my grind and I endorse it
Back from the state penn
cooking with my apron
Catching the jackpot
Introduce the elder statesman

Cats wanna deal, wanna peel back a vocalist
I never slip slide when I ride and I open it
Triple XL on the Dell on my poker chip
thought process got depth for a scholarship
Squeeze in, burn it, shotgun permits
I buy a hoodie, I never copped German
I used to run through life like a blind man
But now I walk like i'm stepping on quick sand
Bullies, get fully loaded with lead
Jackpots, scud bottom, I'm two steps ahead
Anticipate, don't wait, don't let the bubble drop
I'mma hit more shots than a rookie cop

We call it hip hop, was sent out the dark

We call it hip hop, was sent out the dark

hip hop, was sent out the dark

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