Summer 96 Songtext
von Twista

Summer 96 Songtext

It's your boy DJ Pharris
Fuck around and get embarassed
AKA Mr Chicago, nigga
And Twista season is officially here
Summer '96 the mixtape
Is going the fuck down
Shoutout GMG Entertainment
My dawgs, let's go
Heavy hitters, suckers
Summer '96
Summer '96
Summer '96
Summer '96
Summer '96
Summer '96
Summer '96
For example

What can I say to make you see how the fuck I be feelin'
Nobody can fuck with the villain because I'm one in a million
Really I'm better than, kill the culture or kill the competition if one of 'em willin'
With the backwood full of Biscotti, I be the truth up in the booth
And let 'em see what it can do to your body
Killin' you is hobby, I be the one that be doin' it readily
Niggas are scared of me like Illuminati
Play time is over, it's the punisher from the Pinkhouse days
I'm back again, you thought it was a phase
And I be flowin' in magnificent ways
Comin' off like a semi, if you ain't hit, I bet you yo' ass is grazed
A Windy City chief rocker
Since the '90s I can hit the studio and make knocker fuck a drive by
And leave the rider shot up
Bullets goin' blacka blacka when I come and shoot the block up
I'm apocalyptic like the way 2Pac will spit it
Forever like I gotta get it, I'm goin' after the riches
You lookin' at a drip so vicious
In an era where niggas on camera actin' like bitches
Shit, I'm a baller, still up in the game
Still got the Tom Brady status with the touchdowns homie
Look at how I'm livin', everything is vintage
Diamonds all up in it, and I rock a bust-down Rollie
Full of fetti, I'm on a mission
I'm with it, come get it if you feel like you got a position for the bag
I'm articulate like a mathematician
And I got the arithmetic of a money magician
But I do it for the love
Still holdin' my own, I need nobody to buy me shit
It's the Twista, I'm comin' with that grimey shit
Let's take it back to the summer of '96

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