Can You Rap Like Me, Pt. 2 Songtext
von Trippie Redd

Can You Rap Like Me, Pt. 2 Songtext

(P. Soul on the track) I love Trippie Redd

Yeah, big blunts, I like to roast up
Pussy get no love and no luck, I don't fuckin' know ya
Chillin' with the gang, I like to post up
Get up off the block If I don't know you
You dealin' with some soldiers
I ride with the motherfuckin' pole, bruh
I ride with the motherfuckin' pole, bruh
I rise with the motherfuckin' pole, bruh
And you know a motherfucker pop a sealy, pop a pilly
Pop a nigga head like Amoxicillin
I'm a villain, really don't show no pitty
I'm hot, saditty to these bitches
Bitch, she hot and juicy, I'm hot and gritty
How you hot and shitty? Wait
'Cause shit hot, but you know your shit not
My shit make the whole city rock
And diddy-bop, I spit it off the titty-top
And if you don't like it
Then fuck nigga, eat a itty-bitty cock (Yeah)
Eeny-meeny-miny-moe, catch a thottie by her toe
If I let her go, then I'll prolly fuck another ho (Snotty Nose Mafia, bitch)

Stack of paper like a binder, she slimy, she not a rider
Her nigga got bars, who's your service provider?
Still searching for a lighter, too many that sound just like us
We get awarded for the likeness, get twenty plaques like Gingivitis
Got the touch like King Midas, I eat the beat, I get the itis
Create-a-player, high ball, it's like I turned up all the sliders
Okay, pop a sealy like Amoxicillin
When I pop the trigger, drop a nigga
Then he shook his body like a Macarena
Mop a stranger, he was starin' straight, catchin' improper angles
God can't save you, slap my bitch from the back, call it Palm's angels
I bet when a nigga hop up, bitches, they'll be all angry
I told Trippie three years ago that this game was ours, nigga
Bathing Ape face mask like these rappers got sores, nigga
I be in the background, you can see that I'm a star, nigga
I got where I am being exactly who I are, nigga
You ain't protected at the garage, out your car, nigga
I'm the bomb just like a warhead, go to war just like a jar-head
Give this dog a bone and think I wasn't
Gon' catch it like that shit was farfetched
Young nigga stayin' on point just like a bayonet
We rollin' top down
Bummin' on the main street, then I sprayed the 'Vette
Just a young nigga but I been doin'
It for so long they gotta praise the vet
For my niggas on lockdown, and the crimies that really plead the fifth
Pourin' lean inside the booth, yeah
I am multitasking, make multi-millions
M-16 and blow up your blow-up mattress, you know what's brackin'

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