P.S. Songtext
von Transit

P.S. Songtext

In my defense the sky isn't getting any clearer
and day-by-day I'm finding place in myself
that were best left under lock and key.

and sometimes it seems
there's happiness for everyone but me.
so how do you take this when someone says to your face
"why can't you believe that anyone cares about you"
I care about you

If I could stack my doubts or spend the time to sort
them out
I would be climbing till I couldn't breathe
and the pressure always gets to me.
The more I look around I see that even though it seems,
There's happiness for everyone but me.
Everyone but me.

We're all just kids, scared and flawed
clinging to the legs of all the good inside we've lost
or thought there was but never was at all
so carry on, because someday we'll leave this place behind.

and you will let me go, just like a balloon.
I hope you watch me float away into the atmosphere
I'll be waiving till I'm out of site
I know I couldn't make things right
But I know that you're drifting towards a better life, with better times.
Forget me what a smile but move on with your life.

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