Secret Garden Songtext
von T’Pau

Secret Garden Songtext

There′s more to this feeling
Than a differing mind to anatomy
On my own
Who's going to hold me?
A burning heart lifts me up to my life
I can′t run from the truth and I won't try
'Cause it wouldn′t matter who you were in this world
There′s nothing on earth that we can't change
But on the inside, I could never be the same

Come into the garden, babe
(Oh, you got to come on in!)
Come into the secret garden
(Oh-woa! Woo-hoohoohoo!)
We′re changing the way we're made
And in our own eyes
We′re going to move the mountain.
Hey yeah!
So how do you see me now?
(Can you see me?)
Don't butter me up and tell me lies!
I′ve seen the black and the white
Coloured in your eyes.
We're trapped in a cage in our own place
You can leave me
Or cover it up to ease your mind
In this confusion I can always see the light

Into the garden!
(Repeat chorus)

You'll never know how it feels not to be one thing or the other
If there was a world without hypocrisy
You never know, I might just be:
Something you need

It wouldn′t matter who you were in this world
Knowing yourself is so much more
Take one step forward and we′ll open up the door
Into the garden!

(Repeat chorus)
You've got to come in!
Move it! Move it! (etc.)

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