Sinking So Long Songtext
von Too Close to Touch

Sinking So Long Songtext

This will it has to be here
To find my way out of this hell that
Dwells inside my head
And I'll find the hope I missplaced
That I've faced without a doubt
And I see your shipwreck
Touch my lungs
I feel regret now
I've been sinking so long now

What am I worth?
What am I worth?
Would it be easier to call?
It's better than keeping me
Alone I know

I've never been inside to be then
Maybe it's that feeling in my bones
To not keep me far from home?
From all the weight from all that I know
Maybe it's too hard for me to quit
To this path that's barely lit

You've been shaking with (?)
All the broken dreams
I'll pick it up
What never went missing
The place of peace of mind
That fell not too far behind
Too many words
With the jaws still clenching

But now I'm through with you
Nothing to do with you
I'm giving up on what was never there
For me this time
Why don't you see then?
Will you ever make it alone this time
You're on your own
You're on your own!

Every touch
Every taste
Every smell that may escape from my lungs
As I breathe in
Those things I said
What I am not
Save me

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