The Beach Life Songtext
von Tony Joe White

The Beach Life Songtext

They say you reach a point in your life
When you take a little break
Everything is cool
All your debts are paid

I came sliding into fifty
Thought I was safe
But they counted me out
Said you missed third base

So I took a little trip down by the ocean
Put it all on the shelf
The beach life
You can find yourself

You got good intentions of getting in shape
But it's kinda like the postcards
You never send

And there's a sense of freedom
But it rolls out on the waves
And Jonathan still rules the wind

There is something in the air
That you never seem to grasp
The beach life
It's a gas

The kids go about their business
Castles in the sand
And the parasail boy
He waits for clearance

And on down the beach
The student body was working on their tan
They don't want no outside interference

And the credit cards flash in the sun
No-one hunts the shade
The beach life
You got it made

Then it's back to the grind with your life on time
You put away your cut-off jeans
And Marguaritaville is just a dream.

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