Feel the Music Songtext
von TKA

Feel the Music Songtext

(Are you ready?)
(Feel the music, cmon)
(Here we go.)

The music...

Feel the music (x4) tonight (Feel the music)

No romance, just wanna dance (x4)

Cmon and dance with me,
Let your body go and dance with me. (Can you feel it?)
Cmon and groove with me (All night.)
Let your body go and groove with me. (Can you feel it?)

**You got to move it, move it, yeah
And everybody groove it, groove it, yeah
Music makes the world go round,
And don′t you ever let it get you down, so let's dance.

Lets feel the music and feel the music (x4) tonight
(Feel the music, cmon.)
The music...

(Feel the groove)
(Let your body move)

Lets feel the music (x4) tonight (All night long)

TKA is in the house, is what they scream. (Is what they scream)
If you can only feel the things I′m feeling. (What ya feeling?)
Just keep believing, (Keep believing)
And get down, (Get on down)
There is no time to waste (Wha?)
Cmon lets keep the pace.


The music...

(Feel the music (x4) cmon...)

(Now move your feet the beat, and don't you dare dont stop, move, don't stop (x4))

Let′s feel the music (x4) tonight. (All night long)

No romance, just wanna dance (x2)
Move it to the morning light, and feel the music tonight.

The music...

(Are you ready?)

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