Problems Are for Free Songtext
von Tim Vantol

Problems Are for Free Songtext

We all make mistakes, and problems are for free
I'll give you a thousand if you would marry me
and I'll show you the door and I'll bring you back home
but at least we won't die
die all alone.
No roses without prickes, no prickles without a stem
if I could turn the time I would do it over and over again
I would have bought a thousand roses and I would have bought you a thousand more
and forget to remove the prickles
the ones you showed me before.
But choices have to be chosen,
decisions have to be made
questions need an answer,
there must be a reason for you to hate
my questions need an answer
and your answers have to be true
to replace all of my hope
to replace it all for you.
We all made mistakes, my problems were for free
I gave you a couple but you gave them back to me
you showed me the door and I could walk back to home
but at least I won't die (at least I won't die)
but at least I won't die alone.

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