House Where We All Live Songtext
von The Veils

House Where We All Live Songtext

There's an old child's swing set on the lawn
And an ivied wall lured by the years
A neckerchiefed spaniel patrols the swamp
And drinks from the garden of our tears

There are many rooms and many floows
A billion up and a billion down
I'm not sure God knows we're here
Most nights it keeps to itself

There's a widow's wing and an unloved wing
On the unwanted floor towards the rear
I've tried to memorise their names
But no sooner one dies than another appears

There were bible verses all down the halls
But they soon got replaced with explicit cartoons
There are lipstick marks on all our collars
And the sign on the gate reads 'Come Back Soon'

We all do our best to keep it clean
But some guy's minds are like a sieve
Sometimes it's a little hard to sleep at night
In the house where we all live

Now when I walk the grounds at dawn
I hear the sounds of far off bells
I lay my feet out in the reeds
And dream of being somewhere else

So boy, next time you are in town
Just ring the bell and I'll let you in
I don't think you're going to need directions -
Just ask for the house where we all live

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