Silver Machines Songtext
von The Vapors

Silver Machines Songtext

It's only dreams, it's so unreal
It must be someone elses life I'm leading
You can't be true you're too surreal
I'll always think that when I think of you

We've lived on lines across the world
We've lived on words that no-ones heard
I've jumped the mailman every day
I've sat and watched the phone like vultures pray

I've prayed for you like you prayed for me
I've lost some senses sitting here
But everyday this feelings grown
My engines roar my bird has flown

The silver machines, silver machines

Guess I have been scared but not like this
Guess I have been stoned but never blissed
Guess I'll get some sleep now you're with me
Guess they smiled at my belief

In silver machines, silver machines

(Talk)"I guess you've always been a part of me
A part that's been there all my life
We dressed for death to start a second time
And now you're my angel"

It's only dreams, it's so unreal
I can't tell you what to think of me
Think what you like but you can't stop

The silver machines, silver machines
Bring back the silver machines

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