Some Things Never Change Songtext
von The Stylistics

Some Things Never Change Songtext

Some things never change

You′re my baby.
My special lady.
You're the one that makes me feel alright.
Girl I think you′re out of sight.
I can never stop loving you.
I'll love you girl my whole life through.
I guess.

Some things never change.
I've learned to rearrange.
(All my love)
Some things never change
I′ve learned to rearrange.
(My love, I give to you)

I really need you,
I′ll always try to please you.
You're so sweet you can′t believe,
Girl I think you're so unique.
I′ve just got to let you know
I love you girl, I'll never let you go.
You see...
(All my love)
(My love I gave to you)
-Chorus- 2 vezes

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