Welcome to the Walk Alone Songtext
von The Rumble Strips

Welcome to the Walk Alone Songtext

Welcome to the walk alone
Come right on in, make yourself at home
Pull up a road and so
Keep them footsteps comin' Joe
As a traffic jam strikes up a drone
We'll sing the only song we only know

About how we've loved, and how we fell
And how we'll spend our days 'till hell
Just walking slow

We will never walk together
That place has gone right out of style
It's been a long while
And young and clever
Laughing around so easily
Well that's OK
They'll be here some day

Welcome to the walk alone
Our spoils were worth our weight in stones
Pull up a road but no
And I have thoughts that I own
Keep them that way and leave mine alone
And we'll be just fine
Keeps the place alive

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