Fading Fast Songtext
von The Go-Go’s

Fading Fast Songtext

Go Gos
Beauty And The Beat
Fading Fast
(Charlotte Caffey)

You thought that I was on your side
And I′d do anything for you
But you found out yesterday
That you were wrong
I opened up the door
I said we were through

Now you're calling me
You want me back again
But I′ve just got to turn my head
And start to pretend

I've never seen you
You're someone I don′t know
Are you just another boy
That I met long ago

You had me all to yourself
I thought that you were such a prize
I finally came to my senses
When I heard just one too many lies

You can talk about old times
They don′t mean a thing to me
YOu're fading fast
Out of my memory

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