Secret Admirer Songtext
von The Gaylads

Secret Admirer Songtext

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-eh

From a little girl you've grown
To be a fine woman (oh, oh, oh)
How I love your style, child
You never ever seem
To trouble anyone (oh, oh, oh)
And always wear a smile, child

Don't worry, darling
You don't know me (you don't know me)
I used to watch you secretly (so secretly)
You've found your man, as I can see (as I can see)
Now I know that you are very happy
You are very, happy baby
But I'm just a secret, secret, secret admirer
(Ooh. ooh, ooh)

Intro 2X

Aaaah. just as long he is nice to you
In every kind of way (oh, oh, oh)
I don't have a word to say, yeah
But I really love you, baby, baby
With all my heart and soul (oh, oh, oh)
I've got to tell you before I grow old

I'll close with love, baby
Blessings and all (doo-doo, doo-doo)
I'll write you again
If that's alright with ya (doo, doo, doo)
Will you send me an invitation card
(Doo-doo, doo-doo)
To your wedding day
If that's not asking (ooh)
If that's not asking, too much for ya

Just a secret, secret, secret, secret admirer
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-eh
I'm just a secret, secret, secret, secret admirer
Honey, don't you know I am
(Secret, secret, secret admirer, ooh, oh, oh.)

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