Melody Songtext
von The Enemy

Melody Songtext

I am a prisoner in the prison of words
I have no freedom no possessions of worth,
i dont sleep on my pillow when im all alone,
try to wrestle with a reason and i miss my home,
i miss my home.
I've been working every hour god sends god knows
i've broken my bones travelled the earth to its end,
i dont no magazine to tell me me what feel,
, i dont need no cheap tv to tell me whats real,
i dont need a priest to tell me what i believe,
i believe in melody.
When you walk on your own i believe in melody,
And when nowhere is home i believe in melody
And when the nights are long i turn to you,
you never see me wrong i believe in you.
will be made,
but the real importance
is in the lesson we take,
i know i've made a few
and although im not proud,
we all need a little sleep from time to time,
so i write it down,
then comes the words,
then comes a tune,
then come a melody,
when you walk on your own.
I believe in melody
And when nowwhere is home
i belive in melody.

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