Queen Dot Kong Songtext
von The Dø

Queen Dot Kong Songtext

It′s a little messed up round here, no one told me to dress up
Well, you, wow, how? This is pretty damn queer
Oh shit now we're stuck together for real
Oh I can see you′re looking down on me and
Frowning and groaning oh I don't like this, no I don't like this
Did i just hear your stomach gurgling like this - ooh
It′s a little fucked up to be stuck in here don′t you think
Well now you're laughing at me, but you wont trap me
Cos I know how to dodge your tricks, that′s all right with me
Please do take your time I said i'm cool, i′m cool,
I'll let you be um -cynical, critical, lyrical, chemical
Well brother you can do better than that I assure you
Cos you could be seminal criminal eminal animal -
Seminalcriminaleminalanimal bi-biblical
And god knows- analitical
Hello kids
I′m gonna have the sharpest flow
And you're gonna tremble and go home
Go home
Well no i'm not going anywhere cos I wanna stay

And beg you to tell me your secret tips
I′ll let you taste my lips if I have to but please
Tell me how, teach me how
Tell me how, teach me how!
Oo mister... can i call you twista, huh?
Guess who resurrected, guess who′s infected
Guess who'strying to jump out the frame
Escape the flames of hell on my back
But no, you never expected, mister inspecta,
Never expected this to spoil your diagnosis,
Lord knows your hypothesis′ whack
You should know who's leading the plot right now
You should see who′s feeding the wolves by now
Well now its time to grab my lipstick and
Blab til my lips burnred, anyway
You're not alone on the ring, no you never was
You′re not the only bloke with a sting
Ever heard of a crowned fighter dressed all in white
Ever heard of the mighty lady queen dot kong
Queen dot kong

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