Our Mutual Friend Songtext
von The Divine Comedy

Our Mutual Friend Songtext

No matter how I try
I just can't get her out of my mind
And I when I sleep I visualize her

I saw her in the pub
I met her later at the nightclub
A mutual friend introduced us
We talked about the noise
And how its hard to hear your own voice

Above the beat and the sub-bass
We talked and talked for hours
We talked in the back of our friend's car
As we all went back to his place

On our friend's settee
She told me that she really liked me
And I said, "Cool, the feeling's mutual"
We played old 45's
And said it's like the soundtrack to our lives

And she said, "True, it's not unusual"
Then privately we danced
We couldn't seem to keep our balance
A drunken haze had come upon us

We sank down to the floor
And we sang a song that I can't sing anymore
And then we kissed and fell unconscious

I woke up the next day, all alone but for a headache
I stumbled out to find the bathroom
But all I found was her, wrapped around another lover
No longer then is he our mutual friend

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