Carnt Be Trusted Songtext
von The Bluetones

Carnt Be Trusted Songtext

Who is she to say you carnt be trusted?
And come to think of it, how does she know?
Her doubt is just her faith in disappointment,
She can't be blamed if she decides to go.

Her dignity is what makes her an angel,
You know she needs it more than she needs you,
It doesn't pay to take these things for granted,
Something which you always seem to do,
You always seem to do.

But she just wants to spend some time with you,
Just a minute, or just a moment,
Just long enough to throw one clean punch.

Now you've reached the point where she sees through you,
Your low-esteem and lack of self-control,
Everything she had she handed to you,
And what she didn't give you, you stole,
You couldn't have so you stole.

Sometimes I stop to question it all,
Must I look at the stars and live in the dirt?
When all I have to show for my doubt is a blow to the lip,
And some blood on my shirt.

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