Cereal Song Songtext
von The Bicycle Thief

Cereal Song Songtext

And cocaine
And cocaine
I loved them both
But they took my life
They took my friends
They won't give 'em back
Well I want 'em back
Give 'em back now

And what has it gotten me
Just some teeth I can't chew
My favorite cereal with

Being cool and looking good
Keith Richards
And Lenny Bruce
And all of them
Well I give up

Sometimes I'll get sad
Or I'll get mad
About where I should be
And where I am
I wanna go back

But where has it gotten me
I'm 35 years old now
I wash dishes in a restaurant

Well my friend Robert
He can't stop
And his teeth are falling out
And he's living at his mom's
And it's no fun no

I guess I'm lucky I'm alive
Yeah, I'm lucky I'm alive
'Cause I should be dead
I have been dead
But I'm not now no

And what has it got me...
Where has it gotten me
I'm 35 years old now
Work in a fucking restaurant

Well heroin
And cocaine
I loved them both

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