Somewhere in Nowhere Songtext
von The Arcana

Somewhere in Nowhere Songtext

Somewhere in nowhere the days coincide
The thoughts of the sage and the sad fool collide
And there's nothing stopping me from turning on
To the fact that I just simply don't belong

Somewhere in nowhere a party's begun
The guests are so happy they're having such fun
And the orchestra still plays the same old song
As the audience can't help but sing along

It's time for me to crash right out of here
Escape the circus gallery
I feel this weird sensation, to clear my mind, and set me free
I need a moment on the bright side
To steal a piece of sanctuary
I have this strange abstraction, to view the world mysteriously
I have this strong reaction, I won't be worn with jewellery

Somewhere in nowhere a new century thrives
Gold-lacquered panels bedazzle my eyes
What do I see in the city of sin?
Gondolas, pyramids, art deco grin
Can it be the truth that none of us belong
To a world that makes us sing the same old

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