Blackwaters Songtext
von Target

Blackwaters Songtext

Under the blackwaters, the abyss emerges.
Conjuring the eternal solace, you invoke me.
I emerge as a ghost,
From unexplored enigma, dominating freedoms and scorn.
There's no need for air,
I've learned from suffocation and
Insolence where the shadow is my light.
Fighting to not float,
The currents beat me, dragging me to the surface.
Carved by the groan of time.
Underneath; take off the mask and reborn.
Suffocated I pervade the hollow atmosphere,
I roam without feeling the bitter breath.
To hibernate under blackwaters.
Abominable pressure, my ally,
Devours the absolute of my nature separating me from immensity.
Shadow in flames,
Again you feed my breath and defeat me in
The distance, to hibernate under blackwaters

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