Self Harm (Harmed to Death by AlienNation) Songtext
von T-Error Machinez

Self Harm (Harmed to Death by AlienNation) Songtext

Sitting in a corner of the room
Tears wet the soil
Blood dripped from my skin

Unlike any other spirit
Scream of pain pervaded my heart and
I could not do anything to stop this

Walking through this snowy streets
You find yourself
Haunted by those fg sons of bs
Who take you a slap
The dirty blood into the soft white snow

In a cold winter
For once
Would you like that
What happens to you
Every day turns against them

Dont kill yourself!
We will fight against death!

You have always been considered the different
Be proud
You have always been marginalized
Better alone on my own way
That together with a bunch of as
Put away the weapons
But pulled out the claws
Do not be afraid to externalize yourself

Find the strenght to fight this
You are not alone
You are not the only one
We can stop this now
Stop the self harm

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