The Forgiven Songtext
von Sunless Rise

The Forgiven Songtext

I can't comprehend how it's happened,
My body stopped filling chill and pain,
My heart was breaking.
But I've never felt myself so alive.
It seems the fog of my mind's faded.

Somewhere far I saw pagan priest,
I came to him and heard the voice:
"I've been waiting for you, man,
Hovering here, between life and death,
I'll help you end your way.

"You'll end up in spirit world.
There won't be turning back.
You have fulfilled your destiny.
You were given a chance to purify your soul."
He started strange ritual.

My body began to be shaken.
My arms involuntarily lifted up.

I left my body and wild animal fear filled me.
I saw a huge blooming tree pulling me to it self
And coming nearer I soared up to its boughs.

Hundreds of different worlds and creatures
Went through me.
I watched and couldn't believe my eyes.
Calm replaced fear and tiredness.
I lifted upper and upper
Leaving gloom somewhere far,
Meeting warm light.

At very top I was dazzled by shine
Coming from wonderful creatures
Looking like birds on blooming boughs.
I began speaking and heard their answers.

Developing mentally people go upper and upper,
Attaining the highest degree
Here they come and make worlds themselves.
We're waiting for you but firstly
Go to very bottom.

I flew down passing all levels of the universe
One by one they became darker and darker.
My heart filled with fear again.

Fear grasped me at the bottom,
I saw uneasy souls not finding calm.
Suddenly I saw my wife and child
Silently looking in my eyes.
I couldn't bear their look
And my heart was broken.

I ran to them pleading for forgiveness
For living all life in vain
And everything I did.

"You aren't guilty, it all was destined.
People always ruined everything.
So that's what we deserve and you ended that up".

You're given a chance to clear and find calm.
Go and fulfill your destiny,
We'll always remember you.

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