bash at the beach ('98) Songtext
von summerbruise

bash at the beach ('98) Songtext

I want my money back, every cent that i've spent
Every goddamn dollar and dime
I used to want all these things that i've got
But now i've changed my mind
So back up the truck
You can have as much as you want
Just cut me a check
As long as when you're done there's nothing left

Lately i've been living like the candle is lit at both ends
Stepping on all the cracks that i can
(When i'm not being carried by friends)
They'll ask me why and i just reply "i guess for efficiency's sake"
But really, it's just more fun this way

This year was a freight train in a china shop
With boarded windows and doors
And i was a scam artist that picked up the shards
And tried to sell them for more
To any poor sap who still hadn't had the misfortune to meet me before
So i could buy more liquor
'Cause i hardly know her anymore

You never liked the way that i looked
And i hate that you couldn't admit it
So i tried in his clothes to see if they'd fit
To no one's surprise, they didn't
And i have to say
I'm pretty ashamed of the ways that i found to compensate

I just wanted to feel attractive today

I'm not an extrovert; i'm a parasite
I don't crave company; i need it
Devour my friends inside and out
Replace nothing after i eat it
I'm ready and willing to be okay
So why do you have to make me wait?
I saw your new picture today

This year was a freight train
And you were the ropes that bonded me to the track
While the new guy stood by silent black & white
Twirled his mustache as he laughed
At the poor sap who still hadn't had the closure he was promised
But that's okay, i guess i can wait
Maybe next year you can be honest

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