Stand Up And Shout Songtext
von Stiff Little Fingers

Stand Up And Shout Songtext

It's time to ask yourself just what you want to be
Just look around tell me exactly what you see
No sitting out no chance to settle in your place
You're with us now don't be a name without a face

Stand up and shot for what you want to be
Stand up and shout what you believe
Stand up and shout for those you want to free
Stand up for the one and only

Get on your feet and raise your fist up for the count
What's yours is yours if you will just stand up and shout
No looking back you got to play the cards you're dealt
Break down the barricades and speak up for yourself


Don't you know who speaks up for you
You can't rely on no-one else to pull you through

So what you're think might be what we want to hear
Don't keep it hidden got to shout your message clear
No easy answers when the question is self doubt
Better wrong than silent gotta let your feelings out

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