Radio Up Songtext
von Steve Holy

Radio Up Songtext

We were getting in the car that night
Something didn't really feel quite
She didn't grab my hand like she always does

It's like she was a million miles away
BY the time our song started to play
She had a heartbreak look in her eyes
You know the one that's gonna tell you goodbye
So I

I turned the radio up, radio up, loud
She was bout to tell me she was leavin
she was leavin our little town
I was only drownin out what she had to say
Oh how I wish that song would've played all day
On the radio up, radio up loud
Maybe she'd still be here now

Thought if I could just play that song
And take her back to when our love ran strong
And get inside her heart and maybe change her mind

Three minutes full of memories
Would be enough to make her stay with me
But it's almost over, it's almost done
And then she's gonna tell me that she's movin on

Maybe she'd still be here now
Maybe she'd still be here now

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