Twa Corbies Songtext
von Sol Invictus

Twa Corbies Songtext

As I was walking all alone
I heard twa corbies making a moan
The one unto the other did say-o
′Where shall we go and dine today-o?
'Where shall we go and dine today?′
'In behind yon old turf dyke
'I know there lies a new-slain knight
′And nobody knows that he lies there-o
′But his hawk and his hound and his lady fair-o
'Hawk and his hound and his lady fair.
′His hound is to the hunting gone,
'His hawk to fetch the wildfowl home,
′His lady's taken another mate-o
′So we may make our dinner sweet-o
'We may make our dinner sweet.
'You′ll sit on his white neck bone,
′And I'll pick out his bonny blue een;
′With one lock of his golden hair-o
'We′ll thatch our nest when it grows bare-o
'Thatch our nest when it grows bare.
′Many a one for him makes moan
'But none shall know where he is gone;
'O′er his white bones when they are bare-o
′The wind shall blow foe evermore-o
'Wind shall blow for evermore.

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