Intrology Songtext
von Snoop Dogg

Intrology Songtext

(feat. George Clinton)

As I take another choken toke of icky sticky stanky
Stuff a bull, pack a pipe, twist a blunt, roll and light a joint
Lean back and puff slow Whenever I'm making a record, I'm getting into my character
And I'm trying to to portray something that I'm feeling so that way the whole world can believe in it

Do anybody know my name!?

What's my name!?
(Snoop Dogg!)
What's my name!?
(Snoop Dogg!)
Hold on, I want y'all to say my name like dis.

(Snoop, Snoop, Snoop, Snooooop)

There are seven wonders in the world, you're about to witness the eighth

Nigga ask about me, nigga ask about me!

You don't believe me? Motherfucker say what!?
Aiyyo Cat, roll out the blue carpet cause
Lemme C-walk on these niggas

Blue hat, blue socks, blue shoes, too cool
Blue car, blue house, blue pit, blue pool
Blue grass, blue Coupe, blue b-ball hoop
What kind of phone you on Loc? I'm on the Bluetooth
Talking to my nephew, my nigga Boo, half who?
He make pimping on a bitch look so cool
Old school, old fools, steel on a nigga first
Run up with that punk shit and I fill up a nigga's shirt
Do it to it hurt 'cause it hurt so bad (so bad!)
Snoopy D O dub they can't touch yo' swag (yo' swag!)
Oh mark ass nigga better tuck yo' flag
'Cause when my music out loco, I come to smash yo' ass
Fuck him, fuck her, and fuck all y'all too
(He wants everything to be right) 'Cause I'm... (Snoop Dogg!)
I'm so hood, so true
and every time that you see me cause, I'm oh so blue!
(To get that you have to stay. on top of your game)
(And learn the most specific lesson...)
That shit is dope right there God...

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