Doctor Alibi Songtext
von Slash

Doctor Alibi Songtext

I went to see the doctor
He said, "You're pretty sick
You got some real bad habits
You'd better stop right quick"

I said, "Doctor that's real bad news
Don't know what I'm gonna do"

Doctor, there's nothin' wrong with me
Doctor, doctor, can't you see?
Doctor, I ain't gonna die
Just write me an alibi

I went to see a shaman
He said, "You'll be alright
Just keep doin' what you love
Every single night"

I said that's what I need to hear
Took away my childish fears

Doctor, you're a stand-up guy
Doctor, doctor, my, oh, my
Doctor, you're the one for me
That's the mojo that I need

Don't you know that I feel alright?
Doin' what I do
I ain't gonna tow the line
Not 'til I turn blue

All I got is one short life
That's what people say
And I ain't gonna waste a second
Doin' what you say

I won't be the one you like
I won't be the boy next door
I won't be the chosen one
That's not what I'm here for

I don't like the way you are
I despise what you hold, dear
Don't you try to make me change
I'll haunt you for a thousand years

Doctor, don't you don't you talk that way
Doctor, don't you don't you waste my day
Doctor, stay away from me
Sick is what I'd rather be

Doctor, doctor, doctor, death
Doctor, doctor out of breath
Doctor, I ain't gonna die
Just write me an alibi

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