Chorus of the Dead Songtext
von Sirens and Sailors

Chorus of the Dead Songtext

Here I lay rotting in regret,
underneath the tombstone where they put me to rest.
Always wishing that I had another chance.
Always hoping to hear a heartbeat in my chest.
I used to love my life when I had it,
now I spend all of my time in this casket.
Listen to the melody of the voices in your head.
Sing along so willingly to the of the dead.
What the fuck was wrong with me?
Where did I go wrong?
I took for granted everyday of my life,
forever lost.
Rolled the dice, I was gambling, I took the risk,
and I went all in.
A mistake I will not forget.
Here I lay rotting in regret.
My life is over now I'm D-E-A-D dead! Oh shit...

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