Gemini Songtext
von Silver End

Gemini Songtext

Can't be broken, I can never lose
Gone are those who ever lit my fuse
I can't be abused
They will know their cues to leave
Can't be broken, I wont let them win
Pull their tails throw'em into a spin
'Cause now deep within they perceive my grin
I'm free'd!
and once they never let me
out of their selfish grasp
My mind was slaved by deciet
by all the crap you cast
This time I'm stronger than you
Forever stronger than you
Here we are
Here we are
Put out my fire
Here we are
I will break away
From it all
Fire spreading without control
Burning taking hold of my soul
Now i want to know
What the future holds for me
Tension's rising and i'm without fear
All I want is to keep you near
so beleive in me
and soon we could be as one
Take control, lead me anywhere
I want to find
Something else than what i'm having here
and get it off my mind
I'll put my trust in you
I'll put my trust in you
Here we are
Here we are
Feed my desire
Here we are
I will stand my ground
Here we are
Here we are
Feed my desire
Here we are

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