Relentless Storm Songtext
von Sicknature

Relentless Storm Songtext

Call us the Snowdengoons, a team
revealing a smacker
So hard that it wouldnt even be radio active in the Fukushima reactor
Work with trustworthy brands like La Coka Nostra
Techno beats, and fakes saying they long for having a beef
They're better off catching Dracula suntanning in Greece
Cause if reality hits dudes in the kisser They probably throw more peace signs
than japanese chicks do in their
Their lyrics are evidence of
These spitters sound dead like they're residents of Necropolis
Never think that music would make me hard, that's truly and overly stupid
Not even with viagra while Medusa was blowing me to it

The day Goon MuSick does pop on a record.


I see fake rappers they want to take after Rick Ross
I tell them have a seizure on a plane after lift off
My Brain's bugged-way too pissed off to gain love
'Cause shit's soft as Drake wearing lip gloss in gay clubs
I'll show these fake thugs-what shit talk is made of
When I dress up like Kris Kross and
crip walk through Wayne's blood
My crew is thick full of sick thoughts with graves dug
More animals than Noah when his ship fought the great flood
Who want to take part-in pulling
rapper's face cards
And punch them in the face hard-as Lil B the based god
Same squads-claiming thug life's their blood type
In gun fights-are getting pistol
whipped quicker than Pun's wife
Give me one mic-and Bolic brings the lord's wrath

Off the top like pilgrim's scalps natives on the war path

The forecast-calls for brainstorms to cascade
Sicker than the bible's Black Plague-in the last days

(Side Effect)

Now when I see a microphone I wanna damage it I'm fiendin'
My management is more like Bobby
"The Brain" Heenan
We a dirty combination team full of
Apply pressure you stop breathin' we stop squeezin'
Simple give and take, middle 'tween
two extremes
for hip hop heads I keep a sharp
guillotine Seeing cream? oh you earned a buck now?
Talkin bout you turnt up, you get turnt the fuck down
You just a nut who survived an
waterhead baby tryna ride out with these horsemen
Chief Keef corny type dudes get
addressed to
and we don't give a Waka Flockin fuck what the rest do

no way you can circumvent, Laughin' at

ya unworthy workmanship
write Bunsen Burners when I merk this shit
American-African spittin bloodborne pathogens
right before I pour the gas and throw the acid in


Fuck a Rift Raft that shits crap, they need to get bitch slapped
this aint no fucking diss track its real rap we spit facts
these fack rappers spit wack, these bitches need to get back
Id rather fuck a hoe with AIDS dawg and smoke crack
and Lil B is literally the epitome of
fucked up
his music makes me want to bash his face in with nunchucks
they no C Millers these fake thugs aint killers
they sell a ounce on the block and now they dealers?
just take your name from a real OG in the streets
and claim you got game even if you
was police
and you get fame just fake it and ride on a beat

you aint gotta spit flames cuz

apparently its obsolete
yo fuck that these fake thugs are fake i hate it
what the fuck is wrong with this world how they ever make it?
the philosophy of fake rappers is just to make it up
we need to bomb atomically on this
industry to wake it up

(Reef The Lost Cauze)

Ayo I been silent, I tried to stay out of it
But now your mouth, ima smack the shit out of it
There's no way you can get out of it
You're gonna swim with the fishes
yeah the salmon and the halibut
A faggot rapper, here's the details
Faggot rappers threaten you over email
Faggot rappers get gassed off one
Faggot rappers beg for pussy
from one whore
Faggot rappers talk guns but won't
Faggots diss producers, but not
niggas that rap
Faggot rappers ride dick
Faggot rappers make snowmen and
film them, stabbing them with ice picks
Faggot rappers always got they mouth chirping,
Faggot rappers say they touring, but they're couch surfing
Faggot rappers can't get on Faggot rappers go over to Europe, but they can't get home
Faggot rappers I pity ya
Faggot rappers fuck 16 year old girls and give them chlamydia
Faggot rappers must be out of their mind yo
Should've stopped when your face got popped in Toronto
You bitch ass redneck chicken shit
I would kill you but you already
look like a corpse
You're already fucking played out & I murdered you and didn't even have to call your name out (I'm out)

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