Repent Songtext

Repent Songtext

i've been walkin' through the fields for hours
blind to the wild of the wildflowers
hovering above my own life
like an apparition
i've been livin' on bread and water
somebody's wife, mother, somebody's daughter
even in the face in the mirror
no recognition
i feel my soul slipping out of my skin
come clean in a pool of fire jump in

'cause everybody needs a revival
get up off your knees and dance
it's fundamental to our survival
get hell bent on shakin' that big white tent
and repent!

all you need is the nagging hunger
baby the bush is burnin' i ain't getting' any younger
belly up and believe, whatcha waitin' for
a revelation
all it takes is a taste of the spirit
like an addict gotta have it every time i get near it
straight to the heart of the matter
no hesitation
(no other high like liberation)

i feel my soul slipping out of my skin
come clean in a pool of fire jump in

repeat chorus


repeat chorus

have i really lost my soul
if so i don't know where it went
and if there's no other way back home
i guess i might as well repent'

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