Gallows of Eden Songtext
von ShadowQuest

Gallows of Eden Songtext

I am a mountain, I′m set to explode
I'm karma that you never wished for
I am the darkness that blackens the sun
The shadow that poison the soul

I will take your dreams away
So taste the misery
Feel as I unfold you
Let your heaven fall

I′ve become The Avenger
I will be your end
Born from hate and suffering
Unholy priest of hell (of hell)

I've had enough of your pitiful lies
For I am The Avenger's fury
Wherever you go, I will follow you there
Your nights will be heavy with nightmares

Beware of the shadows, beware of the light
There′s nowhere to hide or to run to
Your friends will abandon, your foes will get worse
Laugh as I witness your downfall

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