Destination Unknown Songtext
von Shadow Gallery

Destination Unknown Songtext

Picture home years ago and tell me it's you
Of all the roads a man could take
How mine has lead from you

And like a lighthouse
Set on a rocky coast amidst the storm
Your touch was warm and real

Looking out your window
Just what might lie ahead
Your dreams still blow in the wind

And here we are memories run deeper and true
I'll always take you with me when I
Freefall, freefall
And the whole world goes to sleep

As a child the grand expanse the future must hold
Day to night waves washing over and over
And over your experience you
Lived every day like it's your last

Oh we never know how it goes
Oh we never know
And I won't leave you don't leave me but then again
Just who can stop the falling over fall into the
Mystery predestination brings

You wrote your epitaph
With every move
Through your love
Through your love

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