Breathe Songtext
von Seafret

Breathe Songtext

Prove to me that you still feel it
Before I go start something new
No one knows what comes after this
But I, I've always hoped that it was you
'Cause you're the one thing I believe in
When I lose faith in all I do
This paradise comes when I close my eyes; it's true
In the darkness I see you
Don't you let that heart beat fall
No matter how far it goes
You'll always be where I belong
. . .
And I get a feeling when you're near me
Yeah, I get a craving when you go
And getting clean was never easy
When the side of things so start to show
I have to breathe
I never held a heart before
No matter how far I'm thrown
You'll always be where I belong
. . .
I started, had enough, thought I was crashing up
Why did she look at him like that?
And I'm so sorry and I take it back
'Cause when I add it up and then we got enough
And I'm so sorry I take it back
I'm so sorry for the way I act
I have to breathe
And never let the heart beat fall
No matter how far it goes
You'll always be where I belong
You'll always be where I belong

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