Paris Songtext
von S.C.U.M

Paris Songtext

The first days of winter
I can't hold onto
All the days
Of my youth
All the graces of love
Are over now
For you
For you
And I will never bear my skin for you
And feel you once more
In beauty's remorse
No more hope only time and what's left
Of the fountains
I have nothing
And waiting for me
All the white that's inside
In the morning mist

In the crystal air
I fill up my lungs
With the winter air
To lie awake and hear
That I was born in the wrong way
To another place
Bury my love, bury my love
In winter air
In solitude
Lifted there
Take unto a new path
A new path
Lifted there in winter air
Bury my love, bury my love
All the graces of love are over now
For you

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