The Amorous Humphrey Plugg Songtext
von Scott Walker

The Amorous Humphrey Plugg Songtext

Hello Mr. Big Shot
Say, you′re looking smart
I've had a tiring day
I took the kids along to the park

You′ve become a stranger
Every night with the boys
Got a new suit
That old smile's come back
And I kiss the children good night
And I slip away on the newly waxed floor

I've become a giant
I fill every street
I dwarf the rooftops
I hunchback the moon

Stars dance at my feet
Leave it all behind me
Screaming kids on my knee
And the telly swallowing me
And the neighbor shouting next door
And the subway trembling the roller-skate floor

I seek the buildings blazing with moonlight
In Channing Way
Their very eyes seem to suck you in with their laughter
They seem to say

You′re all right now
So stop a while behind our smile
In Channing Way

Oh to die of kisses
Ecstasies and charms
Pavements of poets will write that I died
In nine angel′s arms

And they all were smiling
Still seductive as sin in their eyes
The man I had been
No more hard luck stories to wear
Nothing left to give
Why the hell should I care

Ann knows my smile and buries my shadow
In Channing Way
And with her cellophane sighs
Corrina the candle
Begs me to stay

You're all right now
So stop a while behind our smile
In Channing Way

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