Clingwrap Songtext
von Sam Sparro

Clingwrap Songtext

It's so sticky

You seem to be a lot of mean
But baby you know it just can't be
Oh no
To me you're just to clingy
And now you need to set me free
C'mon and set me free
See I went outside just to take a stroll
And when I came back I had ten missed calls
From you ooooh
And when you're walking down the street doing what you do
And you step into some gum that's stuck to your shoe
That reminds me of you

You must've thought I was a snack
Because you're sticking to me like cling wrap (2x)

You must've thought I was your wife
Because you're trying to run my life
You're causing me a lot of strife
I'm gonna cut you up now let me grab my knife
Where's my knife? where's my knife?
See I got enough friends that could fill a truck up
Now give me some room and just back the fuck up
Like when you're washing you're clothes at the laundermatic
And you pull them out the dryer and they stick like static
That's what you do

You must've thought I was a snack
Because you're sticking to me like cling wrap (2x)

Now listen
I'm gonna need me a pair of pliers
To get you off my back because you've crossed your wires
I need you like I need fifteen spent tires
If I was donald trump then I'd say you're fired
It's the cling wrap

Now see
I don't wanna come off all negative and shit
But some of y'all need to take a hint
So remember when people be dropping hints then take em
Take em and implement em before ya
Before ya peace out so cold and act all crazy
When'd ya get so crazy baby
What? that's wrong

La la la
Your sticky your sticky your sticky
And you're like cling wrap (4x)

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